The International Black Summit is A Conversation that is being given by Life, to the world through people of Black African Descent.
Vendor Information
We are excited to announce the First International Black Summit Virtual Vending Space.

The Vending fee for 2021 is $20.00 USD

   *  Vending will occur on Fri, Sat and Sun, during the ASE breaks.
    * You must be a registered participant, in the ASE to a Vendor.
    * You are responsible for collecting the income from your sales.

Please let us know what you’re selling and if you are offering anything with the Summit’s name on it. It must be seen before items are offered for sale.

If you’re interested in being a vendor during this year's ASE, please contact:

Facilitators: Nancy D. Simmons and Phyllis R. Sapp for details. Space is limited.

Contact Info:
“We are building economies responsible for funding our community.”
Join Us LIVE in Detroit, Michigan!
OR via Videoconferencing
August 1 - 4, 2019

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