Attention: People of Black African Descent from Around the World!
Discover How to Bring Into Being Your Vision for the Black Community and the World Without Doing It Alone!
Join Us For The 29th Annual Summit Event
August 1- 4, 2019 - in Detroit, MI
via Videoconferencing
Event Location
1300 Lafayette East Cooperative, Inc.
1300 East Lafayette Street
Detroit, MI 48207
Host Hotel
The Comfort Inn Downtown
1999 E Jefferson Ave, Detroit, MI 48207 
Phone (313) 567-8888

Participate either on location or via video conferencing *

The International Black Summit Annual Event takes place the first weekend in August each year.

The purpose of the International Black Summit is to provide an opportunity for participants to bring into being their vision for the black community and the world. 
The International Black Summit is a conversation being given by Life, to the world, through people of Black African Descent. 

The Conversation finds its expression in the Declaration of The International Black Summit.
If You Already Know You Want To Attend
The Annual Event . . .
Or for more information, attend a Summit Share Sundays at 7pm est
What's In It For You?
During the weekend, participants are provided an opportunity to share their vision for themselves, the black community and the world. They are provided tools which assist with focusing and taking their vision to the next level.
What Is The Annual Summit Event?
  • A Gathering of people of Black African Descent from diverse backgrounds, countries, lifestyles, opinions and views who come together to celebrate and empower the vision of the Declaration.
  • An Exploration of Questions and Issues which empower participants to realize their vision for the Black community and the world. 
  • A Place to Clear yourself so as to be able to hear what life is telling you. 
  • Acknowledgement, Praise and Celebration of who we are as a people and the contribution we are to the world. 
  • A Global Shift in the Conversation about who people of Black African Descent are in the world.
There are 3 parts to the Annual Summit Event:

Prerequisite Course

Thursday Events & Opening Night Ceremony

3-Day Summit Weekend

Prerequisite Course
Prior to attending an Annual Summit Event there is a one-day Prerequisite Course, which must be completed if you have not attended an Annual Summit Event or the Prerequisite Course, in the past. If you have attended, it is an opportunity to once again immerse yourself in the Conversation of The International Black Summit.

Its purpose is to prepare you "to create the space of listening to people authentically" - a powerful tool for your life - and to prepare you to fully participate in the Summit.

This course provides you the Summit Distinctions, the Summit Questions, and with today's Summit Conversation.

The experience is one you can use to become present to your vision and who you are being in relationship to it.

If you have not ever attended an Annual Summit Event or the Prerequisite Course, then the Prerequisite Course is mandatory prior to attending your 1st Annual Summit Event.
Thursday Events & Opening Night Ceremony
Check-In and Onsite Registration begins early Thursday morning. Vendor exhibits may provide browsing and purchasing.

The Prerequisite Course begins at 9am and usually last until about 7pm, in time for participants to attend the Opening Night Ceremony.

From its humble beginnings of congregating after dinner around the Marriott Hotel piano bar, at the Annual Summit Event in Highland Park Michigan in 1992, Thursday night has evolved into the gala it is today. It provides a beginning opportunity for introductions, in an easy and relaxed atmosphere, which translates to a sense of relatedness that continues on into the conversations of Friday morning and the 3-day Summit conversations.
Depending upon our host city, there may be a Reception, usually showcasing music, song, dance and other talent from the area. 

Immediately following may be an Opening Night Ceremony, which is a general orientation and introduction to The International Black Summit, and all the behind-the-scenes teams, such as Host, Events, Enfoldment, Registration, Virtual and the Facilitator Body.  At times there may be a Keynote Address
3-Day Summit Weekend
Meet and greet accompanied by music in the background, sets the tone for further introductions and establishing relationships which began the evening prior. The session continues with an overview-including the history, purpose(s) and Declaration of The International Black Summit, ground-rules for the 3-day Summit dialogue, and introduction of the Facilitators and their role. 

An inquiry and exploration of possibility commences as participants share the vision of the Declaration for themselves, their community and the world. As engagement expands, Summit Distinctions are provided as tools to move visions forward to the next level.

As visions are spoken, similarities are noticed; information of natural networking possibilities are seen and revealed; teams, groups, coalitions are formed, etc. Dates, times and locations for follow-up may be made for Shared Visions.
Listen to the Declaration of the International Black Summit!

Listen to the Declaration of the International Black Summit!

Now that you see what's in it for you AND you want to attend . . .
Or for more information, attend a Summit Share Sundays at 7pm est
Who Are We?
The International Black Summit, Inc. is a 501c3, 100% volunteer lead organization. Founded by, attended by and delivered to people of black African descent committed to empowering and transforming the lives of people of black African descent around the world.
Since 1991, we have held annual events on 4 continents, in 11 countries and 27 cities.
  • 1991 - Atlanta, GA USA
  •  1992 - Highland Park, MI
  •  1993 - Oakland, CA
  •  1994 - New Orleans, LA
  •  1995 - New York, NY
  •  1996 - Nairobi, Kenya
  •  1997 - Johannesburg, SA
  •  1998 - Atlanta, GA
  •  1999 - Jamaica, West Indies
  •  2000 - Philadelphia, PA
  •   2001 - Memphis, TN
  •  2002 - Toronto, Ontario CA 
  •  2003 - Salvador de Bahia SA 
  •  2004 - Elmina Beach, Ghana 
  •  2005 - Miama, Florida USA 
  •          - Chicago, IL
  •          - Top Hill, Jamaica
  •  2006 - Highland Park, MI USA 
  •  2007 - New Orleans, LA 
  •  2008 - Anguilla, BWI
  •  2009 - London, England UK
  •  2010 - Baltimore, MD
  •  2011 - Chicago, IL
  •  2012 - Birmingham, AL
  •  2013 - Ottawa, Ontario, CA
  •  2014 - Belize City, Belize, CA
  •  2015 - Atlanta, GA
  •  2016 - St. Louis/Ferguson, MI
  •  2017 - Georgetown, Guyana WI
  •  2018 - Washington, DC
Over the years, as the lives of families transformed, The International Black Summit has expanded to be an inter-generational gathering, bringing together adults, youth, young adults and elders to be in relationship with each other. 

At the same time, there are safe spaces that provide each age group the opportunity to be fully expressed while they share and nurture their vision.
The purpose of the International Black Summit is to provide an opportunity for participants to bring into being their vision for the black community and the world.
The International Black Youth Summit exists to facilitate the connection, self-expression and empowerment of young people of African Descent around the world. Youth participants, age 8-17, are young people making their visions real in their communities and exemplifying the principals of youth, transformation, love and possibility as a powerful approach to the universe.
The purpose of the International Black Young Adult Summit is to provide an opportunity for participants' ages 18 to 35 a space for reflection, communication, mentorship and growth, through vision creation and implementation. This conversation empowers young adults to powerfully transition to adulthood equipped for global success.
What are you waiting for?
For more information, attend a Summit Share Sundays at 7pm est
Here's What Some of Our Participants Have to Say....
"I think the Summit is a great place for people to experience being themselves and being loved for it."

Bill D., Raleigh, NC
"Through my work at the Summit, I have been able to dream BIG and accomplish even bigger things. I have also gained a balance in my life that has brought peace and fulfillment in a way that I could never have imagined."

Jan C. Toronto, ON
"It is a conversation that is so spiritual that it always brings me back to myself, and through it, I see my Divinity."
Adora D., Nashville, TN
"It is a conversation that keeps me grounded in life.  It is a conversation that empowers me and in turn is a resource for others to empower themselves!!!"
Conrad N., Asbury Park, NJ
“The International Black Summit has touched me very deeply. Whatever it is that Slavery has taken from me and from all people of Black African descent. I say that the Summit  puts it back. I’m talking about religion (spirit) dignity and self-esteem. I’m talking about  love and appreciation for who you are and what you provide. I’m talking about you matter and so do all of us.”   
Nancy S., New York, NY
 Some of the visions which have come to fruition from participation in The International Black Summit

Summit Elder, participant, Leadership Body Member
Nathalie "Koumba" Johnson

What does it cost to attend?
On-site registration accepts Cash, Credit Cards and Debit Cards, USD only. NO CHECKS are accepted at the Annual Summit Event.  DONATIONS ENCOURAGED. 
While transformational events like ours may cost between $300 to $1,000, our commitment is to make participating as affordable as possible.

The following rates reflect our commitment to honoring two (2) of the statements in our Declaration . . . "establishing nurturing relationships" and "building economies responsible for funding our community." In other words, our intention is to take care of ourselves while taking care of you - win/win.
Registration Rates
If you have a financial and/or other consideration which may prevent your intended participation in the Annual Summit Event, please request a conversation with a Leadership Body member to explore other possibilities via our Online Contact Form. 
Note: A small processing fee for using Philantro will be added to your registration. Thank you in advance for helping our all-volunteer 501(c)3 organization optimize our finances while bringing this conversation of value to the world.
Join Us Today for Our Upcoming Annual Event in Detroit, MI
"This is an historical event, equivalent to the convening of the United States Constitutional Convention. We are about to shift the direction the world is taking . . . for ALL PEOPLE."  Excerpt from original letter of invitation to participants to the First International Black Summit 1991.
*Unable to attend in person?
Join us via video conferencing by completing the Virtual Participation section on the Registration Form.
We're waiting for you!!!
Still want more information? Attend a Summit Share Sundays at 7pm est
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