The International Black Summit is A Conversation that is being given by Life, to the world through people of Black African Descent.
Participant Contributions Program
The International Black Summit Participant Contributions Program provides the opportunity for participants to contribute to their own transformation, as well as contributing to others through our Participant Scholarship Program.
Program Description - Individuals, companies and organizations can make a one-time contribution to support themselves and others in participating in the events, courses and programs of the International Black Summit. Contributions can be made online via PayPal by credit or debit cards. 

Making a contribution for other's participation. (ie. Scholarships for Others)

Use of Funds - The funds provided through the IBS Participant Scholarship Program will be utilized to support youth and adults in the transformation of their lives, families, communities and the world.

To make a contribution to others, click on one of the links below that matches your desired area to contribute. 
(If you would like to your contribution to be used for any category of participant scholarship, scroll down to the bottom of this page and use our direct PayPal Link)

Making a contribution for your own participation. 

Use of Funds - The funds provided will be utilized to supplement your participation and support you in your vision for yourself, your communities and the world.

To make a contribution to your participation, click on one of the links below that matches your registration category.
For uncategorized scholarship or participant contribution payments, please use the following info:

Please be sure to put 2021 ASE Registration and any other pertinent details in the memo or notes section.

(1) PayPal - Use the following link:
(2) Zelle/Chase - Use the following email address:

If you would like to use another contribution method such as online bill pay, please use the following information:

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